Cyber Security


Internal Pentest VS External Pentest

Penetration testing is a security assessment method that simulates real-world cyberattacks to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in an organization's systems and networks. Penetration testing can be performed internally, from within the…


The SREN law

The SREN law is firmly committed to protecting citizens' rights in the face of the many challenges of the digital world. Discover the law in this article

The DMA law – Digital Market Act

The DMA law, or Digital Markets Act, is a European Union regulation adopted on September 14, 2022. It aims to combat anti-competitive practices by large digital platforms, such as Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.

DGA – Data Governance Act

The DGA law, or European Data Governance Act, is a European law aimed at improving mechanisms for data availability and sharing. Find out what the Data Governance law is in our dedicated blog article.