SSL certificates maximum validity period has been reduced to one year

From September 1, 2020 SSL certificates can no longer be issued for a period of validity of 2 years.

From September 1st 2020, SSL / TLS certificates can no longer be issued for a period exceeding 13 months (397 days). It will no longer be possible to choose a certificate with a 2-year validity  like today.


Firstly, because by reducing the lifespan of SSL certificates, it reduces the duration of use of potentially spoofed certificates and so, limits cyber-attacks. But also and above all, because it forces companies to use the most recent and most secure encryption algorithms available (switching from SHA1 to SHA2 for example).

Finally, this strengthens the security of a web page and thus offers more security for Internet users.

What about my 2-year SSL certificate I just bought?

DO NOT PANIC. Existing SSL / TLS 2-year certificates issued before September 1, 2020 will not be affected and will continue to be recognized by browsers until their original expiration date. Later, you will not be able to renew it for a period of two years.

In the event of a certificate reissue, in order not to lose the remaining validity (validity limited to 397 days), you can reissue the certificate later – ideally less than 397 days before the expiration of the certificate of origin – and recover the validity lost on the first reissue.

As of August 12, 2020, HTTPCS will no longer offer 2-year SSL certificates. But you can continue to buy our SSL certificates!

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SSL Multi-year Plan certificate bundles will need to be reissued annually for the term of the plan. HTTPCS offer unlimited issuance service for free.

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