Vulnerability in SSL checkers

Most SSL certificate testing tools, which rely on data in certificates issued by certification authorities, have been vulnerable to XSS attacks conducted with a self-signed certificate. Discover them!



Many services on the internet allow to check SSL Certificates. They display information about certificates and indicate if they are valid and well configured.

JavaScript Injection:

With OpenSSL library, it is easy to create a self-signed SSL Certificate with the information you want. You can thus create and install a fake SSL certificate like this one :

Fake SSL Screen
Figure 1 : Fake SSL Screen

This certificate contains XSS injections in several fields. So the question is : what happens if you test this SSL Certificate with online checkers ?

This was tried a few days ago on several of these services, among the most famous :

1. SSL Cheker:

SSL Cheker
Figure 2 : SSL Cheker

2. SSL Tools :

SSL Tools
Figure 3 : SSL Tools

3. SSL Tools Go Daddy :

SSL Tools Go Daddy
Figure 4 : SSL Tools Go Daddy

4. Go Get SSL:

Go Get SSL
Figure 5 : Go Get SSL

5. SSL 2 Buy :

SSL 2 Buy
Figure 6 : SSL 2 Buy

6. UK Fast :

UK Fast
Figure 7 : UK Fast

7. Trust Ico :

Trust Ico
Figure 8 : Trust Ico

8. Click SSL :

Click SSL
Figure 9 : Click SSL

9. Comodo SSL Store :

Comodo SSL Store
Figure 10 : Comodo SSL Store

These tools, which trust data present in certificates issued by SSL authorities, were vulnerable to XSS attacks with a self-signed certificate. They were quickly patched or set into maintenance.



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