Danger: French Web

Web security remains a pervasive issue for all of us. Nowadays, hacking is possible for anyone who wants to damage the brand image of any business. In fact, every day thousands of French websites are hacked.


The dangers of the french web :

Millions of French Internet users connect to websites to perform sensitive tasks (transfers, purchases, etc.), but do they know that their data is not well protected in 70% of cases?
Do they know the risks and dangers they face?

web dangers- httpcs

Several questions arise when one evokes the security of the French Web, the unspoken being numerous in this field, by fear or simple interest.

Indeed the French law prohibits the “Full disclosure” or the disclosure of information on a security problem:

Article 323-3-1

A person who, without lawful authority, imports, possesses, offers, transfers or makes available any equipment, instrument, computer programme or information created or specially adapted to commit one or more of the offences prohibited by articles 323-1 to 323-3, is punished by the penalties prescribed for the offence itself, or the one that carries the heaviest penalty

Meanwhile the French web is in danger. Every day thousands of French websites are hacked, the latest being the Pearl.fr e-commerce site with over 700,000 stolen customer data.

Security, a luxury on the web:

Is the French web more secure than linkedin (over 6.5 million stolen passwords) or Formspring (over 400,000 stolen passwords)?

web dangers- httpcs

The answer is no, security on the web remains a luxury that only large accounts can afford, or an obligation when one is the victim of a web attack.
A luxury that until now has been expensive.

Until today and despite numerous web attacks, project managers have no knowledge in this field. They consider that security is only one stage to be put in place once the projects have been completed. However, this idea is totally false, as security must absolutely be taken into account before projects are developed.

Lack of training and awareness is also a problem. Everyone thinks they are more protected than anyone else and that hackers won’t be interested in them.
Yet hacking is now possible for anyone who wants to damage the image of any company.

The HTTPCS solution:

HTTPCS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Certified Secure) is a web vulnerability scanner, capable of detecting any type of vulnerability in a web application, analyzing the risks, analyzing the ISO27002 controls impacted and proposing countermeasures.
HTTPCS is a hosted solution (SaaS) that requires no installation or machine configuration.

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