How to face hackers in 2013?

Nowadays, having a secure website is very important. To prevent risks caused by hackers HTTPCS offers a program that allows you to see and apprehend the vulnerabilities that your website may encounter.


In a time when most websites use code on external servers (API, Banners, Scripts…), security becomes more and more complex to manage, and also depends on its technology partners.

A daily audit is therefore desirable, to avoid any security problems, and also web referencing problems.

Error message google


Search engine optimization (SEO) is of great importance for website owners, being the first on search pages includes among other things having a well secured site, otherwise search engines tell the user :

‘This site may harm your computer’.


The solution by HTTPCS:

“Better safe than sorry”, using a web vulnerability scanner like HTTPCS (programmable) allows you to be alerted about vulnerabilities present on your web applications, see the risks and have countermeasures to apply.

Audit your websites with HTTPCS



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