Web Security seen by 65,542 Internet users

This survey conducted by HTTPCS assesses the importance given by Internet users to web security.


Web Security Survey

Infography realized in french, translated below in english:

What are the main activities on the internet?

  • literature searches
  • news
  • social networks
  • mailbox
  • video games
  • online shopping
  • download
  • banking transactions
  • streaming

“Have your personal data ever been hacked?”

  • Yes: 27%,
  • No: 73%

“Have your bank details ever been hacked?”

  • Yes: 17%,
  • No: 83%

“Did it change the way you surf the Internet?”

  • Yes: 62%,
  • No: 38%

“How did it change the way you surf the Internet?”

  • Check the security of the websites before communicating my data
  • Disable Java
  • Disable Flash
  • Increased Vigilance
  • Use different passwords and different e-mail addresses for each account

“How important is your digital identity to you?”

  • Very important: 67%
  • Average importance: 30%
  • No importance: 3%

“How do you rate Internet security?”

  • More than sufficient: 4%
  • Moderately adequate : 61%
  • Very inadequate: 35%

*identité numérique : image que vous véhiculez via les réseaux numériques sur lesquels vous êtes présent

**Etude menée par HTTPCS auprès de 65 542 internautes

enquête sur la sécurité du web



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